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Tyke Twinkle - Police app

Name: Tyke Twinkle

Age: 13

Have u got any previous experience:
Yea on ALRP i was in SWAT and i was a senior officer on EZRP

Why do you want to join the police department:
I want to join the police because i am better than the commissioner as you know even when he has hacks so i am clearly capable of being a cop, also the current police i department is lacking in people so they could use with my help cause im a good cop m8.

What can you do to improve the department:
I can improve the department by being able to train other recruits and help out the cops with my very high quality skills.

Why should we choose you over over applications:
Because i am much more skilled than anyone you have ever seen before also there isnt any other applications except from Kevin but im probably much more skilled than him.

List 2 bad qualitys about your self:
Im too good at being a cop for my helf.

i don't like Volvo's

Accepted Wink come to ts for tags

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