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Curtis Jacksons application

Name: Curtis Jackson

Real Life Age: 14

Time with us as full member: i dont know how long

Are you currently or previously a member of our support team? If so for how long? (dates to and from) no 

Have you ever been on our administration team before? If so, how long were you on administration? no

Why do you want to join our Staff team? (100 word min):[b]I have been playing reality for a day but i really like how the server is run and i watch a lot of vidios like Admin on duty and im an admin i would love to be an admin it would be a honour to be staff on this server i think reality is a really good server and i would love this to be my first server i am staff on i feel like i will do good as a staff member as i am active a lot, And i also have seen how to deal with a lot of situations.[/b]
What special skills can you bring to our staff team? (100 word min):i can bring alot i can stop people breaking rules and i think i can help people alot with new players who maybe be new to the game and i think i can help some of the developers

Have you ever been banned or received warning points in the past? (Yes/No) no

How active are you in a typical week?7 days a week 4pm +0 till 8pm

Do you understand that being a member of staff is a voluntary position and it requires time and patience. It also requires you to be unbiased and mature? (Yes/No) yes

Do you also understand as a member of staff you need to be able to split time between play and staff? (Yes/No) Yes

#2 jk

Accepted, head over to teamspeak and I will give you Trial Staff!

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