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Creating Suggestions - Guide


Before posting your suggestion, get a sense of its value; ask around and see if others like what you might suggest. 
If your suggestion has not yet been thought of, post a topic following the above template and gain support.
  • Do not troll.
  • Do not make suggestions that impinge on our rules or policies.
  • Do a search of the current suggestions sections below so that you do not make a duplicate post.
    (Approved / Denied / Completed / Dev Review / Staff Review / Assigned awaiting completion)

Topic Title: 
A creative, yet descriptive name that relates to your suggestion for ease of reference.

Template:What category does your suggestion fall under?: 
Forums / Teamspeak / Server / Rule / Policy

Please explain what your suggestion is:
Suggestion goes herePlease explain why we should add this feature or make this change, with valid reasoning:
Reason goes here

Is this at all exploitable, if so how, and how do you suggest we overcome this:
Explanation goes here, otherwise N/A

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