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Server Applications Template!

Ingame name :

Steam ID :

Steam profile link :


Time zone :

Languages you speak :

Rate your English from 1 to 10 :

Playtime on the server:

Amount of warns on the server:

Have you ever been banned before on our server? :

Do you have a microphone? :

Do you know how to use ULX Commands? (Give examples) :

Do you have any past experiences as a staff member? (Give server names) :

If you contact the Owners/Super Admin or any other staff member on the server/forums/steam about looking at your app it will get instantly declined do you understand that? :

Roleplay Related!

-Someone reports another player of breaking a rule and you bring both of the players to the sit and the suspected rule breaker kills you and the victim. What do you do ? :

-Someone reports another player of self supplying what will you do? :

-Someone reports another player accusing him of rdm what will you do? :

-Player A mugged player B and killed him as the player B didn't have enough money after that player B went to a hitman and requested a hit on player A for reason: got mugged, What rule did player B break? :

-Player B reported player A for attempt rdm and while you're in the sit with the both players player A accused player B for damaging him first what will you do? :

-You see another member of staff abusing their powers (Nocliping for no reason, Changing their hp during a raid, Physguninng players for no reason) what will you do? :

A player breaks a rule and you bring him/her to speak to them and they leave the server. What do you do? :

A player MassRDM's What will you do? :

A player MassRDA's What will you do? :

What is NLR? and give a example scenario :

What is RDM? and give a example scenario :

What is Meta-Gaming? and give a example scenario :

Why do you want to be a staff member on Our Server and what will you provide? :

Why should we chose you? :

Extra Notes we should know? :

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