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Want to feature your site/shop in front of the 40k+ unique visitors that visit AtomicGamerz weekly? Promote your content. (on prediction with the forum & ingame, it's not reached it yet).
You must login with your steam account or you can mail us.
Your ad will not only be seen on the forum, but also on gmod servers(text) and loading screens(image).

Online users forum example:

250x90 Banner Ad:

[Image: ad.png]

gmod loading screen example:
250x90 Banner Ad:
[Image: ad_loading.png]

gmod server in-game ad :
[Image: ad_ingame.png]

-every color
-every 30 minutes
-text command (people can type !example_ad to go directly to your website)

Banner Requirements:
- 250x90 dimensions
- Very minimal animated (shiny logo effect, etc) OR 3 static frame banners (Frame A, Frame B, Frame C)
- 3 static frame banners: No transition frames, frames require 3 seconds minimum display
- 100 kb banner limitation in .gif format ONLY
- Clean/safe content

Payment Options:
- €40/week(7 days) through Paypal

- €160/month(31 days) through Paypal (discount)
- €1600/year(365 days) through Paypal (discount)


- only 4 Ad spaces available.
- buy longer than a week? Only weekly update.
- Site and banner need to be manually approval by an Administrator BEFORE payment
- None game hacking related
- No software installations (unless explicit approval from Administration)
- No redirecting/switching up content without approval (such as after site/content is approved, redirecting to rule breaking site, etc)
- Violating rules will lead to immediate termination with no refund
- No refunds, buy a week duration ad space if you feel uncomfortable.
- Illegitimate / scamming / stealing or anything that rips off Atomicgamerz users will be terminated.

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