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12-09-2017, 11:31 AM
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12-08-2017, 06:42 PM
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  Bug Report - Template
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-09-2017, 11:31 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

What is your name?

Is your issue reproducible?

On a scale of 1-10, how urgent is this issue?

What release was this bug a part of?

Summary of the issue:

Detailed description of the issue:

Steps to reproduce issue:


Any additional information:

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  Creating Suggestions - Guide
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-09-2017, 11:22 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies


Before posting your suggestion, get a sense of its value; ask around and see if others like what you might suggest. 
If your suggestion has not yet been thought of, post a topic following the above template and gain support.

  • Do not troll.
  • Do not make suggestions that impinge on our rules or policies.
  • Do a search of the current suggestions sections below so that you do not make a duplicate post.
    (Approved / Denied / Completed / Dev Review / Staff Review / Assigned awaiting completion)

Topic Title: 
A creative, yet descriptive name that relates to your suggestion for ease of reference.

Template:What category does your suggestion fall under?: 
Forums / Teamspeak / Server / Rule / Policy

Please explain what your suggestion is:
Suggestion goes herePlease explain why we should add this feature or make this change, with valid reasoning:
Reason goes here

Is this at all exploitable, if so how, and how do you suggest we overcome this:
Explanation goes here, otherwise N/A

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  Support Ticket - Template
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-09-2017, 11:20 AM - Forum: Support - No Replies


Whats the Problem:

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  EMS Complaints & Compliments - Template
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-08-2017, 07:04 PM - Forum: EMS Complaints & Compliments - No Replies

Your name:

EMS name:

When did this happen?

The reason for complaint:

Any video or photo evidence:

 Thank you for filling out the complaint form. We will be looking into your complaint as soon as possible and will inform you of the decision that is made.

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  EMS Application - Template
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-08-2017, 07:02 PM - Forum: EMS Department - No Replies




Steam Profile Link:

General Questions:

Have you got any previous experience?

Why do you want to join the EMS Department?

What can you do to improve the Department?

List 2 bad qualities about yourself?

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  Complaint and Compliments - Template
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-08-2017, 07:00 PM - Forum: Complain or Compliments a Cop - No Replies

Your name:

Officers name:

When did this happen?

The reason for complaint:

Any video or photo evidence:

Thank you for filling out the complaint form. We will be looking into your complaint as soon as possible and will inform you of the decision that is made.

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  Police Applications - Temlate/ OPEN
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-08-2017, 06:58 PM - Forum: Police Department - No Replies



Steam Profile Link:

General Questions:

Have you got any previous experience?

Why do you want to join the Police Department?

What can you do to improve the Department?

Why should we choose you over another applicant?

List 2 bad qualities about yourself?

Scenario Questions:

If you're held at gunpoint and are told to drop everything what do you do?

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  Server Rules.
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-08-2017, 06:55 PM - Forum: Server rules - No Replies

Basic Knowledge

[*]You are to own a legal / full copy of Arma 3 to AtomicGamers Life RP
[*]VPNs or any other program designed to physically change your IP or mask your IP is not allowed in this community.
[*]Anyone caught cheating in our game servers will be removed for a permanent time period, and may receive a global Infistar ban.
[*]Please realize serious abusive attitudes and behaviors towards others will not be allowed, nor will any constant fighting be tolerated.
[*]Any form of Racism, Derogatory Terms, Homophobic Slurs, or Bigotry will not be tolerated. (in or out of character).
[*]Administrator's decisions are final.
[*]We require you to have a good, working microphone here at AtomicGamers Life RP.
[*]You are responsible for your account at all times. If another person gets on your account (Teamspeak, Forums, Server) and breaks our rules, you account is still held responsible. There are no exceptions to this rule so make sure no-one uses your accounts on our servers.
[*]English is required at all times in game, public areas of Teamspeak and the forums.
[*]Using any unauthorized mods or pbo's that are not currently in our official mod pack will result in a permanent ban.
[*]We value role play over rule play, however, it does not mean you can get around the rules to say it is RP. Instead this is here to say you can not use black and white rules to try to twist things to be your way. Remember, admins have final say in what is fail RP.

Section 1 - Shoutbox / Forum Rules

[*]Shoutbox is not meant for asking for support, rather to be able to communicate with the community, please refrain from asking for support.
[*]Disrespecting members and controversial topics will not be tolerated, this includes any ranting. Our shoutbox and forums are not there to allow you to insult and harm members.
[*]Advertisements of in-game companies, twitch streams, etc. are allowed once per hour. Any other form of advertisement may result in a ban.
[*]You are allowed one forum account per person.
[*]Moderators on the forums have the freedom to issue warning points to anyone who they see is abusing / breaking the rules.
[*]Sub forums are able to have their own rule sets, to and onto these. Please read the pinned posts to see if such a rule set exists.
[*]Adding any other Teamspeak UUID to the forum that does not belong to you will result in a permanent ban.

Section 3 - Gameserver Rules

  • Disrupting our game server with inappropriate or disruptive behavior is not permitted. Anyone found doing so will be punished (this includes spamming, spamming music that disrupts role play for no reason, taunting other players or RDM).
  • Failure to value your own life will be considered Fail Role Play.
  • If you are attempting to take a hostage / person out of custody / detainment you must value their life and not deliberately take action to endanger their life. If you have a hostage / person or someone in custody and people are attempting to remove them from your custody you must value their life and to protect their life.
  • If it is clear that both sides have engaged in negotiations, there has to be a legitimate role play reason to end negotiations and begin any kind of physical harm.
  • When in game you must always use the RP name that is on your forum account. Your RP name should be the same for Teamspeak, Forum and in-game. Failure to do this will result in a kick from the server and/or warning points.
  • Playing music is only allowed in your car or your house. You are not allowed to use it while walking, this also includes being in jail. You are not permitted to troll or cause continuous interruptions with any RP by playing music.
  • Do not buy any buildings with NPC's inside. You're not allowed to own any stores / shops, if you do buy these you will receive 10 warning points and removal of property in question with no compensation.
  • Voice changers are only permitted to be used while in negotiations for hostages/bank robberies etc.
  • You may not role play invisible weapons. Any weapons you are role playing with must be visible to all players.
  • If you RP any sexual violence for example but not limited to; Rape, Serious Sexual Harassment towards any member of the community, it doesn't matter if they're male or female you will be permanently removed from the server.
  • Committing murder must be supported by a valid role-play reason. You may not kill a person after a robbery or a hostage situation if they have complied with your demand/s unless you have a valid role play reason to do so. You may never kill a hostage because they're a hindrance, if you get what you want you must let them go. For example, shooting a hostage after the requested ransom has not been paid, the person has a "hit" out on them (requires proof) or they trash talk your group during the robbery are some valid reasons.
  • You cannot blow up another player's vehicle intentionally nor can you purposefully take actions to blow the vehicle up, regardless of any Rp situation. Abusing glitches or exploits to cause the vehicle to blow up will be punished with a higher severity.
  • Server Events
    • During any admin event you must follow all rules of the event. Failure to do so could result in a ban
    • You can not interrupt any server event for any reason during the duration of the event.
  • You can not power game using melee combat on another person such as grabbing, choking, tackling or pulling into cars until we implement the system in the game server. You also can not power game any of the mechanics already in game such as zip ties.
  • If you donate for something that you can use in game, this item is not to be sold for any sort of monetary value. The following of what you can not sell would be things such as Vehicles, Clothing and other items you get through donating to the server.
  • You may not talk on the radio or use your cellphone while restrained.
  • You can not holster or conceal your gun during an active gunfight until it could reasonably be said that the gunfight is over. If you do holster, drop, or conceal your weapon you must reinitiate RP.
  • Side chat is only used for advertising services and businesses or requesting services (vehicle repair, transportation services, etc... Not for Google / Twitter etc..).
    • Police side chat is only meant to be used for reporting a panic, assistance, BOLOs and asking for current radio frequency. Side chat should not be used for any other communication.
    • EMS are permitted to only use 10 codes in side chat if the radio stops working.
  • Role Play must be initiated verbally. Things like sending a message via text, or a cop attempting to pull you over is not considered initiation. You must initiate role play with each other via verbal communication before any kind of physical harm is done (this includes gun-play and knocking players out).
    • If you want to pull someone over or stop them to commit a crime against the vehicle occupants, you must verbally initiate before you can S-1 the vehicle off of the road if they fail to stop.
    • Exception : Role Play is initiated when attempting to place a blasting charge on the DoC gate for a jail break. Another exception is firing warning shots at a helicopter to initiate it as virtually impossible to verbally initiate.
    • If there is a break in the role play for five minutes or more, you must re-initiate (In an firefight, if not shots are fired within 5 minutes you must re-initiate).
    • Killing someone without vocal initiate is only allowed if you're apart of the group (group being a number of players clearly involved with each other, identifiable by all parties involved and in one location) initiated in the situation where lethal force has been used before (you need hard proof to ensure that you're apart of the group), still keeping the 5 minute rule in mind. If you arrive to the situation after it has begun you must initiate yourself into said situation.
    • You may not initiate role play from inside a moving vehicle, nor may you immediately escalate a vehicle accident into violence. (Accident means there was no malicious intent or attempt to intentionally cause the crash). You must make an honest attempt to play out the situation face-to-face with proper role play. This includes all air, land and sea vehicles.
    • You may not intentionally use a vehicle as a device to initiate role play, for example: You may not use the vehicle to ram someone off of the road, crash into them to get their attention, or in any way use a vehicle to instigate someone or to purposefully escalate a situation into violence using a vehicle.  
    • Exploiting, Hacking, Bug abusing or abuse of game mechanics could result in a permanent ban.
    • If you are not apart of a whitelisted faction, or have been suspended from duty you may not join in the corresponding slot.
    • You are not allowed exploit clipping into dead bodies as a way of cover.
    • Shooting through a wall to wall-bang instead of breaching the location will be considered exploiting.
  • Combat Logging is logging out of the servers while dead or in an active RP situation. You must wait the time limit and hit Respawn before logging out.
    • Note: Void if game crashed or internet died.
    • If you are found guilty of combat logging your inventory on your character will be removed as well as the appropriate punishment.
  • You are only allowed to loot virtual items such as (food, money, etc..); you are not allowed to loot weapons or any other things off of a dead body even if a weapon is dropped.
  • No using the train to bypass role-play scenarios. (i.e. Going to your house to gear up and returning back via the train. Intercepting players / police by reaching a destination before them by not driving / flying there yourself).
  • Green-Zones : No player vs. player crime is allowed in a Green-Zone. Normal Green-Zones are as followed : 25 meters around any NPC, ATMs, Civilian Spawn, Car Garage. (Drug Dealers are Processor NPC's are exempt from this rule).
    • You can not force another player to interact with an NPC / ATM.
    • Abusing green-zones: such as inciting, baiting or blatantly luring someone into committing an action that would violate the green-zone will be considered a green-zone violation on the person that incites the violence  (applies to situations that started inside the green-zone).
    • Having a house in a green-zone does not make your house immune to robbers. Green-Zone's do not apply if you are robbing / breaking into houses.
    • Running into a green-zone while in a situation that has been initiated makes the zone no longer a Green-Zone between you and the parties initiated. This means you can still be shot / robbed / killed. You can not use the GZ's as an excuse for poor role-play.
    • If a member of Blufor tries to physically detain, search or arrest someone in a green zone, it will no longer be a green zone for the members of Blufor or anyone that is a part of the group/gang with that individual.  (Gang must be an approved gang and group must be people with you at the time of the detain/search/arrest.) Proof may be required to show you are a part of the group/gang.  Once the issue is resolved the green zone it will return to normal.  Randomly joining in is Fail RP.
    • You can not force anyone to conduct any server rule violations within Roleplay.

  • Permanent Green-Zone's : The Hospital Building & Parking Lot, Fire Department & Parking Lot, Police Station & Parking Lot, The Courthouse when in session,15 meters around any civilian spawn are considered permanent green zones. These are no conflict zones.
    • Bluefor can not physically restrain, arrest or search anyone in a Perm GZ (except inside the fenced area of PD, Court House and Hospital).
    • Civilians can not commit visible crime in any Perm GZ. Carrying a class two firearm in your vest is not a visible crime while carrying it in your hands is.
    • Committing offences which are ticketable or minor like trespassing or civilians protesting is allowed at the Police Department. Bluefor have the power of arrest and the ability to use non lethal force in the PD Perm GZ. Civilians in the PD only have the power to escape and can not use lethal or nonlethal force to do so until outside of the Perm GZ for any reason. Baiting Blufor with no valid RP reason into chasing you outside of the PD Perm GZ is Fail RP.
    • Civilians and Blufor can not use lethal or nonlethal force in, out of or into any permanent greenzone.
    • If a fire fight happens outside or near the PD. Bluefor can not shoot from inside the Main fenced area, from inside the PD building or from the roof. Civilians can not shoot into the PD Perm green zone. If Blufor leave the PD Perm Green zone to join a firefight they can not retreat into the PD Perm green zone until the fight is reasonable judged to be over. Doing so is “FAIL RP”.
    • You can’t flee into these permanent zones if RP was initiated outside as a means of escape. It is at an Admin’s direction on case by case basis to determine when you have escaped. Rule of thumb is if you lose visual contact for longer than 3 minutes you have escaped or there was no visible threat of action (for example a civ says he’s going to shot you if you don’t let someone go but they don’t appear to have the means to do so e.g. run up unarmed).

  • Meta Gaming is not permitted at all, players found abusing this issue will be given appropriate punishment.
    • Metagame is the use of information you have obtained out of character in an in character situation or role-play.
    • Unless given to you in-character by someone who obtained it through in-character means any youtube video, twitch VOD, etc is OOC.
    • We do not tolerate stream-sniping in any form. Anyone caught using streams as a source of knowledge either in or out of game RP will.
    • You cannot use other means of communication (For example: Steam, Skype, teamspeak messages or pokes) for in game, in character information other than teamspeak (TFR Channel) or ingame mechanics.
    • Exception: When dealing with things such as court proceedings, IA cases, etc in-character TS channels can be used.
    • Exception: You may contact a lawyer via teamspeak for representation.
    • The following forums will be considered In Character. Civilian Forums, Law Enforcement and Fire & Rescue. All other forums are considered Out of Character. If a sub-forum of an IC forum is explicitly stated as being OOC it will be treated as such. No information within a gang forum can be taken and shared with the police, if it is shared it will be considered OOC and its use IC will be classified as metagaming.
    • You may not use video taken by someone else as evidence in a complaint against them unless you were directly involved in the situation. Watching someone's stream or VODs or other video footage for the sole purpose of hunting for things to report them for will not be tolerated. First offense will be 10 warning points, offenses after that could result in a server ban.  The exception to this rule would be for major rule breaks that could cause serious harm to the community such as glitching, exploiting, duping and hacking.
    • When a person dies, is not revived by a medic and they press respawn. If they are recording their footage is lost and can not be used IC.
    • You are allowed to use Anon or Burner Phone when sending an anonymous message to the Police department therefore caller id information can not be used against you, This is only allowed when anonymity is crucial to the RP situation.
  • Out of Character (OOC): It is against server rules to break character while playing in game for any reason. This includes speaking out of character (e.g. green zone, banning, server). That means to ask a question, threaten the person that just ran over your friend and etc.  If there is an issue that someone has caused a server or rule violation, you are to continue the RP and move to Waiting for In-Game Admin once the situation has been resolved.
    • If there is an in game situation like a robbery, hostage situation, gang fight etc. You can not use any out of game form of communication to get additional gang members or police officers to join the server. This is going OOC to influence an in game situation.
    • While in game, you are to be in character. This is a hardcore RP server, and we expect you to RP to the fullest extent. If you fail to RP, you will be removed from AtomicGamers Life RP for disrupting game play for others.
  • NLR ( New Life Rule ): When you click respawn, you forget all details that led up to your death ( Killer, location, etc; ). You can remember friends, colleagues etc. You may not return to the same situation which you were killed in until it has completely ended. This does not apply when you are revived by EMS.
    • NLR still applies even if you are told to head back (to the place you died) via any form of communication. This applies to everyone.
    • NLR works both ways.  This means that gangs / police / etc. will not act against you based on your actions leading up to your death.
    • Under NLR you may NOT return to the location of an active situation (e.g. gunfight, robbery) even after 15 minutes have passed. You may return to the location after the situation has resolved.
  • VDM/RDM:
    • RDM is to kill someone without the initiation of roleplay.
    • VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch - killing someone with a vehicle for no reason) is not allowed unless it is self defense. EXAMPLE - If someone's standing in front of your vehicle with a gun, and they threaten your life.
    • You're not allowed to use any air vehicle as a weapon for example, kamikaze, air-ramming, VDM or attempting to stop a car by landing on it.
  • Store Robbery Rule:
    • You must stay in the store that you initiated the robbery at and not hide in the area as an onlooker or climb to the roof of the store.
    • Exception is if you're a scout, you may only scout and may not shoot police at all.
    • No snipers are allowed during a store robbery.
    • You may not randomly join in the store robbery or sneak around unarmed, then pull out a gun and assist.
    • You are not allowed to run around the store being robbed trolling / baiting the cops or robbers.  If you do appropriate punishment will be given.
    • You are not allowed to initiate the store robbery as a means to bait officers to the area to set up an ambush or etc.
    • The store robbery notifications are not considered RP initiation, you must initiate some type of role-play with the officers and/or robbers within the store.  Failure to do this will be considered Fail RP.
    • Robbing a store with anything other than a gun, axe or pickaxe (i.e. binoculars) will result in a failrp/exploiting ban.

Section 4 - LEO/EMS/DOJ/Gang Rules

[*]DOJ, Internal Affairs and FBI Command cannot be corrupt at any time for any reason. In order for FBI to be corrupt there must be at least 1 FBI command on duty. In order for any other LEO to be corrupt there must be at least 1 Internal affairs officer on duty.

[*]Repeatedly baiting or taunting the police is not tolerated. There must be a reason for doing so, for example you are wanted.

[*]If you are detained at the time of a server restart, you must come back to the Police Department unless told otherwise by the arresting officer. You must come back with the same items you had in the first place. Dropping any items you had on you will be considered Fail RP.
  • Exemption - If you are not going to join back to the game server in the next two hours than an arrest warrant will be issued.

[*]You may not rob, assault, kill or threaten lethal force on an officer conducting a non-felony traffic stop. If the situation escalates with an officer attempting to physically restrain, search or arrest the driver or any occupants then at that point the vehicle occupants or bystanders, etc.. may interfere, still adhering to RP standards for initiation.
[*]Those playing as Police Officer may not abuse the handcuffing function, there must be some RP initiated when handcuffing someone.
[*]You are only restrained if the police officer says you are [within RP] or physically restrained.
[*]If someone does not lock pick you out of handcuffs or a law enforcement officer does not physically un-restrain you, RP must be continued as you were still restrained.

  • Exception - If the arresting officer that has restrained you died and you are unrestrained per the game mechanic, then you can escape.

[*]LEO or anyone in a BLUFOR slot may not raid a house with thirty minutes or less left on the server uptime.

[*]As a police officer when you are downed in a gunfight or etc and you are picked up by EMS you are not allowed to detain the suspect or any suspect that was also downed at the scene.  If there are other officers involved that were not downed then they can detain those suspects and escort them to EMS custody where you can testify that they were involved in your death.  This rule applies to anyone in a blufor slot.

[*]You cannot wear any Police Department or EMS clothing as a civilian, doing so is bannable.  A Civilian possessing a taser/beanbag shotgun or a fire extinguisher is also a bannable offense.

[*]No crime or malicious action may be used against on duty EMS personnel at any time. Disrupting EMS duties will not be tolerated.

[*]EMS must remain neutral when carrying out their medical duties, nor can they directly aid any faction.  EMS are not to be corrupt at any time. EMS can however report a crime if they see it.

[*]You must follow EMS instructions upon being revived (no other RP is permitted) until treatment is complete.

[*]Civilians may not have or use any advanced medical equipment. Only medical personnel with proper training may have and/or use advanced medical equipment. This includes medkits, EMS should be the only faction with them in their inventory, everyone else should only use First Aid kits.

[*]Only EMS may pronounce someone "dead" regardless of the situation before or after EMS arrives.

[*]Stealing EMS vehicles / destroying their cars is not allowed.You are not allowed to drive any EMS vehicle under any circumstance unless in a ERD whitelisted slot. Do not hinder their ability to do their job.

[*]There shall not be any interruptions from that point you are revived to the point you transfer to medical custody. If Law Enforcement is on scene, they may restrain the individual. No other interruptions should be made.

[*]You can only wear the donated group clothing if you are in the gang or group that donated for the item.

[*]Groups or factions can not declare war on the Police Department resulting in committing mass violence for the pursuit of political aims. This is to cause death to civilians or noncombatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government to do or abstain 

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  Developer Application - Template
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-08-2017, 06:44 PM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies


How long have you been apart of us?: 
What scripting languages do you know (SQF, Node.js,
What programming languages do you know (C, C#, c++, Objective-C, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, SQL): 
Why do you want to join the Programming Team?: 
Please provide 2-3 snippets of code that you have created: 

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  Admin Application - Template
Posted by: SilverDoveTV - 12-08-2017, 06:42 PM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies


Real Life Age: 

Time with us as full member: 

Are you currently or previously a member of our support team? If so for how long? (dates to and from) 

Have you ever been on our administration team before? If so, how long were you on administration? 

Why do you want to join our Staff team? (100 word min): 

What special skills can you bring to our staff team? (100 word min):

Have you ever been banned or received warning points in the past? (Yes/No) 

How active are you in a typical week?

Do you understand that being a member of staff is a voluntary position and it requires time and patience. It also requires you to be unbiased and mature? (Yes/No) 

Do you also understand as a member of staff you need to be able to split time between play and staff? (Yes/No) 

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