Rules of Everything (Must Read)


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Not Allowed;
- Exploit the map, bug (Report any bugs to staff members. They can even reward you for that)
- Threatening another player or the server with a DDoS or other extreme, real life things.
- Cheat, hack (including any script)
- Disobey the rules
- Attempting to crash the server.
- Backseat Moderating (Telling admin what to do)

1.2 Chat Rules

Do Not;
- Spam the chat or your microphone with irrelevant noise(music, arguing etc.)
- Ghost with another player. (This is where people communicate out of game to tell people information about murderer etc)
- Try to spell "bystander" backwards to prove that you are not the murderer
- Make offensive remarks or insult other players or the community (Racism,sexism etc)
- Talk over each other at once, If a person keeps interrupting another one of them may be gagged.
- Promote links, any other community or inappropriate links in the chat
- Use a language other than English (You will be warned first)
- Be consistently rude to admins or the community in general
- Beg/ask/demand or any form other of asking for points or rank
- Beg admins to do something or to take action on something. Just let them know about the situation and wait for the result.
- Come here specifically to troll as a group. You will be banned for weeks from our community

1.3 Bystander Rules

- Do not randomly call people out as the murderer. If we see you called a bystander out as a murderer we will slay you too
- Do not shoot people if you didn't notice any solid reason to kill. You are to blame of your own actions.
- Do not do any kind of blocking (you will be warned before the slay)
- Teaming is not allowed. (Do not work together with murderer. If you have a gun your job is killing the murderer. Do not avoid)
- Do not kill yourself near other players with the intention to get another player killed.
- If you don't have a gun, try to have one by picking up 5 clues.
- Do not turn the light off constantly. If you turn it off after the admins warning you will be punished
- You can't camp more than 1-2 mins. Do not delay the game with camping or any other way
- You can run and escape from the murderer as much as you want only if you are collecting clues.
- You can't claim areas like "If you come here I'll kill you" or "Whoever finds me I'll shoot". We will slay you if we notice it
- Do not shoot bystanders even if they shot another bystander. If they did it on purpose gather evidence and notify an admin
- Role-play is allowed but try not to break any of these rules

1.4 Murderer Rules

- Do not delay the game and focus on doing your job (Kill everyone)
- You can't camp even for 1 minute unless you lost your knife.

1.5 Power Round and Event Rules

- Do not camp or avoid the fight unless it's "Cat and Mouse" rounds. Any campers and avoiders will be punished in the round
- Events will come randomly. Do not ask/beg admins to make event rounds

1.6 Admin Rules

- Give a reason to the person you are punishing.
- Depending on the situation, give at least one warning to a player before punishing them.
- Give a specific time to a punishment.
- Show a decent amount of maturity.
- Grudges are not to be held against any player or staff member.
- Do not interfere with another Staff Member's work unless if they ask you to. If you feel that they have been abusive with their powers, speak to a Super Admin or a higher rank.
- Staff members are still expected to follow all regular rules.
- “Admin Disrespect” is not a valid reason for punishments. If it’s constant harassment, then action can be taken.
- If you are going to be inactive for more than 3 days, post it in the "Departures and Resignations" thread. If you were respected or any other ranks before being a staff member and get demoted by inactivity and if you don't have a post in "Departures and Resignations" section, you will lose your rank and any other privileges that you had.

1.6.1 Rulebreak Punishments

- Killing a bystander randomly - Add 1 slay by using !slaynr. But also you can slay in the round that they rdm
- Killing a murderer randomly - Add 2 slays by using !slaynr.
- Refusing to kill the murderer - Warn them to do their job. If they keep doing it slay them and add 1 slay for punishment.
- Blocking - Warn them. If they keep doing it slap with small damages until they stop blocking or die.
- Delaying the game more than 2 mins - Give warnings and be sure they got warnings. If they keep doing it slay in the round.

- Teaming - Give warnings and be sure they got warnings. If they keep doing ban for 1-7 days.
- Ghosting - Give warnings and be sure they got warnings. If they keep doing ban for 1-7 days.
- Chat abuse - Gag/mute for 1-5 rounds according to the rule break.
- Hack/Cheat/Threatening - Ban permanently.
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