Civil Protection Chief

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The Chief is the leader of the Civil Protection unit.
Coordinate the police force to enforce law in the city.
Hit a player with arrest baton to put them in jail.
Bash a player with a stunstick and they may learn to obey the law.
The Battering Ram can break down the door of a criminal, with a warrant for his/her arrest.
Type /wanted <name> to alert the public to the presence of a criminal.
Type /jailpos to set the Jail Position

Moneyprinter: Not allowed
Kidnapping: only with warrant
Bankheist: Not allowed

Salary: 65 Dollar

Max players: 1

  • arrest_stick
  • unarrest_stick
  • fas2_deagle
  • stunstick
  • door_ram
  • weaponchecker
  • spikestrip (CityRP)
You can spawn a police car
Go to the police station garage and find the NPC
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